How Can Osteopathy Help Me ?

Osteopathy can help a vast range of people presenting with the very least to most challenging conditions, from office workers, manual workers to pregnancy, (all trimesters) postural & sports related injuries (non- fracture) and in particular the pain of arthritis.

Do Osteopaths just treat ‘Bad Backs’?

It goes without saying we are known for treating high proportions of back pain, but osteopathy treatment has a broader range of treatment conditions. The following list is by means not exhaustive but in general common presentations to osteopaths;

  • Back pain & Sciatica
  • Facet joint pain
  • Disc related pain
  • Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction
  • Neck & arm pain
  • Whiplash and headaches
  • Scoiliosis
  • Arthritis (stiff and painful joints)
  • Postural strain & realignment advice
  • Pre & post-operative support
  • Corrective exercise programmes

Overall Benefits of Osteopathy

The overall aim is to;

  • 1Reduce pain levels to pre-injury level
  • Reduce stiffness, improve mobility
  • Faster return to ‘activities of daily living’ (ADL’s)
  • Improved general wellbeing and health promotion
  • Non- invasive and drug free (mostly)
  • You are assured of a highly skilled therapist who is regulated (GOsc)
  • Reassurance and good working professional relationship
  • Osteopaths are highly skilled with the ability to diagnose, treat effectively and promote the body’s own healing mechanisms
  • Assured of referrals to other appropriate healthcare workers when required (GP’s, radiographers, neurologists, Podiatrist, Physiotherapist etc..)