Sports Massage Therapy

Its finally arrived ! The G5 Massage system, Simply Brilliant

The G5 is a much deeper massage system using 3 modalities of application (vibration, tapotement and pressure) using a mechanical massager to ease muscular tension and stimulate the circulation. This relaxing yet re-vitalising treatment enhances muscle tone, yet aids in muscle relaxation, improves both blood supply to the muscle and aids in the removal of toxins. This specialised massage penetrates deep into the subcutaneous layers so helping to disperse fatty deposits and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Choose either a hip and thigh treatment, a tension relief treatment of the back, neck and shoulders.

Price £40.00   Duration 30 minutes

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Sports massage at is ‘more’ than a sports massage as techniques used are blended learning from years of study as an osteopath, continued professional development courses and yeas of clinical experience (14 years of practice) of presenting conditions such as thigh strain, hip strain, rotator cuff, back injury, neck injury, arthritic conditions, sports injury’s and posture related issues. All techniques used are well evidenced based methods such as active release therapy, (ART) myofascial release therapy, trigger point therapy, strain counterstrain, muscle energy technique, osteopathy, Graston technique and other methods that can be used to treast a wider range of injuries.

Case study –Simple thigh strain

16Simple thigh strain, this condition is both typically related to a trauma of some kind whether direct impact or non-impact transient pain that comes on for no apparent reason (insidious onset) it is a condition that often gets better following a typical sports massage using effleurage, tapotement, percussion techniques etc.

But when no resolution occurs ie it turns into a chronic thigh strain often there is an underlying cause. This is where I like to think at takes a wider view due to clinical experience even for simple thigh strain to look beyond the injury.

For instance, there could be a pelvic torsion (twisted pelvis) that not only is a maintaining factor, but also may have been a precipitation factor combined with a ‘trigger’ ie the injury mechanism (following a 10k run for example) which is maybe unexpected. The underlying torsion, low back issue, poor pelvic alignment may not allow resolution (healing) which is why often injuries linger around and don’t go away.

There could be other factors involved here;

Such as

  • 15Leg length discrepancies
  • Neural tension (possibly a disc issue) at the appropriate level (in the case of thigh strain, lumbar level 2,3,4 Femoral nerve)
  • Potentially longstanding issues with the sacro-iliac joint
  • Issues with mal-alignment of the hip
    • Neck issues (chronic headache / whiplash)
  • A stiff thoracic spine
  • Underlying medical conditions such as diabetes / thyroid issues (poor healing mechanisms etc..)

Osteopaths can link all of the above conditions to a simple thigh strain in the event that conditions don’t get better quickly. As osteopaths we think, restore good motion control at the joints (lumbar, spine, pelvis, hips, knees and feet) at a neurological level, ensure there are no restrictions at the levels that control that muscle group (lumbar levels 2, 3 4), good pelvic, hip, knee and foot alignment before we get into functional fitness. So as you see often simple strains often harbour deep rooted problems.
If you have any condition that isn’t going away, message me with very short relevant details and I’ll see if I can help you. Response times will be same day or within 24 hours.

3Sports massage should play an important part in the life of any sportsman or non- sportsman whether they are injured or not.

Massage has a number of benefits both physical, physiological and psychological.

Sports massage can help maintain the body in generally better condition, prevent injuries and loss of mobility, cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, boost performance and extend the overall life of your sporting career.

Some of the Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Alleviates the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity.
  • Relieves minor injuries and helps prevent those niggles that get in the way of day to day life.
  • Sports massage tends to be deeper and stronger than Swedish massage.
  • It incorporates a combination of techniques involving stretching, compression, friction and trigger point release techniques.

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