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 by Kellie
Awesome PT sessions

I made an appointment with Alfie for a consultation back in August 2017, because of a reoccurring lower back problem. I arrived expecting I would need a few sessions/treatments. So yeh I was thinking to myself lay on the couch and Alfie will magically make it better with Osteopath treatments. I was training at the gym doing classes and I also Row, so thinking I was fit and strong, I just needed some treatment so I could carry on with my classes five, six times a week.

Part of my consultation Alfie completed strength tests and was a little surprised to find unexpected strength weakness in relation to my rowing and soon realised that this needed correcting and some of some of my weaknesses were related to my water and land rowing.

So at the end of my session Alfie suggested some PT sessions so we could do some work on strengthening and conditioning. I booked the sessions straightaway. Alfie’s enthusiasm and wanting to help me filled me with determination and the motivation to achieve my goals, a stronger fitter me. I was very excited.

It’s now March 2018 and I’m lucky enough to be still training with Alfie and no reoccurring back issues either. Not only has my shape completely changed and I weigh a few pounds less, but I can now say I can run, which I never would of thought, the improvements in my abs strength amongst other areas are really starting to show in my training now. Feels great, I feel great and I am so so pleased and so grateful for all Alfie’s support, enthusiasm and making every session tough. Alfie also tailors my training to support and help with improving my fitness and strength for my rowing. As I say at the end of my sessions a great, enjoyable session in a ‘crazy way’
Hard work but it’s paying off and I love it. Not once have I ever thought I do not want to train whether it is a 7am session, it’s raining, snow, icy, dark. Rain or shine I’m there.
Looking forward to achieving more in the coming months.
Thank you Alfie⭐

 by Ann
Best decision I ever made!

Around 6 months ago I noticed that my 60++ body was beginning to creak a little more than usual and a friend of mine recommended Alfie. That first appointment was the best decision I ever made and I now have a weekly PT session and attend pilates class. Alfie tailors each session to my needs should that be training or treatment. His knowledge of the human body amazes me and the classes are tough but fun. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and I can't thank him enough.

 by Steve
Hard work but fun!

I have been attending Alfie's Pilates classes for about 3 years, in order to retain and improve my 60+ year old reasonable level of mobility, flexibility and fitness. These classes are hard work but good fun.
Having recently been diagnosed with the early stages of Parkinson's, I have been having 1-1 sessions with Alfie, where he has developed a fitness programme to help me strengthen my muscles and improve my balance and core strength.
I have found Alfie to be extremely knowledgeable and inventive, no two sessions are ever the same! He encourages me to work hard but in a fun and enjoyable way. He has been, and is continuing to be, a great help to me and
I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.
Thanks Alfie.

 by Joy Potts
Osteopaths have problems as well!

As a retired Osteopath,and life long cyclist I have many musculoskeletal problems including having back surgery in 2010. I have tried many osteopaths over the years and never found anyone who has Treated me as I had treated my patients, until I found Alfie! I have also done lots of Pilates over the years which I have found very good for me but it was quite gentle, Alfie has taken Pilates onto another level for me, which is greatly helping me with my cycling and all round fitness. I have total respect and confidence in Alfie.

 by Jane mitchell
Knee pain

After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee, and not responding well to painkillers,i started looking for an alternative. By chance i came across Alfie s website. I made an appointment for a consultation with him, i was first of all really impressed with his knowledge and also his professionalism. I have now been seeing him for excersise several weeks. I will be continuing to see him and hopefully join his pilates classes when ready. The pain i my knee is also greatly improved .
Thank you Alfie

 by Bert
Believe in Alfie.

November 2014 I walked out of a consultants office with a diagnosis of DISH - Forestier's Disease.. I was told 'golf is not for you.' Very depressed a friend recommended me to see Alfie. He got my head in a better place, then my body and then my future. I cannot thank this man enough - where others give up on you, he will not. It has taken me until the venerable age of 65 to be virtually pain free, notwithstanding the utter joy of being able to play golf in my retirement. I did not think this could or would ever happen, but it can if you believe in him and you do your part in working hard with him. Thank you

 by Jan T
Great help !!!!

I have been seeing Alfie for almost 2 years. In that time my fitness has improved incredibly. I have seen him on a one to one basis and attended his Pilates classes several times a week. I am very confident with his ability to diagnose problems and improve them. I would highly recommend him. I have never been bored in any of his Pilates classes and his personality and knowledge are both highly inspirational.

 by Sally Harrop
Swearing sessions!?

Alfie is a genius..... I started seeing Alfie when i needed an osteopath, as I have suffered with back pain since my teenage years. With Alfies help, motivation and knowledge (now my PT) my core strength has improved and i feel much fitter and stronger, with very few bouts of back pain.
It is very reassuring working with someone as highly qualified as Alfie. I thoroughly enjoy my PT sessions, even though he always pushes me to my absolute limit! I have also started Pilates classes with Alfie, which are great.
Thanks Alfie.

 by Stuart
Fitness, flexibility & fun

Really enjoy Alfie's Pilates classes. Since I started around six months ago my flexibility has increased tremendously. Also my general level of fitness has improved. Alfie's classes are always different, demanding, stretching and fun!!

 by Carol
Exercise sessions

After an accident and operation on my shoulder I was left lacking confidence,and with the added problem of osteoarthritis in both hips, I was struggling with my mobility. Alfie has been so very patient with me, and helped me to believe that I could improve my movement , his encouragement and incorrigible humor have made the sessions enjoyable and feeling so much more positive. He has a vast knowledge of the human body, and disease that affects the skeleton, muscles and nerves . I can really recommend his care.

 by Elena
Simply backs, simply the best!

I started doing Pilates with Alfie about 2 years ago now and was amazed by the impact the classes had on both my shape and fitness. Alfie is incredibly knowledgeable and a brilliant motivator, so although I have had a serious shoulder injury, I felt really confident that he would guide me in the right direction and not allow me to injure myself further! I wasn't wrong. Infact although I was advised 3 months ago that I would need an operation on my shoulder (which I desperately wanted to avoid), with Alfie's incredible knowledge and complete commitment to rehabilitating my injury, I now have almost complete range of movement and very little pain. I also go to Alfie for Osteopathy. Its very hard to find someone who can or will treat the body holistically these days- Alfie is the whole package and I would (and do!) highly recommend each one of his services.

 by Suzanne Adams
Different every time

First exercise class that I have been to with such variety every week, yet building one the knowledge of the class.

 by Karen Camp
Pilates and Rehabilitation

I have been attending Alfie's Pilates Classes twice a week for about 2 years. He is so knowledgeable and fun with his great sense of humour as well as his caring approach to a brilliant Pilates workout.

Also after a fall down an escalator earlier this year, I have been attending a few physio sessions to try and get back to fitness again. He has helped me tremendously with my fractured sternum and injured knee. Thankfully I am recovering well with most thanks to Alfie for his help with rehabilitation.. Thank you so much for all your help Alfie. Karen Camp

 by Val Pole

Thank you Alfie for identifying my problems, after consistent pain in back and hip region I think we r at least getting somewhere. Alfie is very attentive and very competent in his area of osteopathy , and I trust him completely. val pole

 by Tom Robertson

I have struggled with lower back and shoulder pain for several year. I came across Alfie from my local gym and safe to say I am very glad that I did! We looked at a number of different reasons that I might be suffering and worked out how we could help reduce the pain and hopefully stop it from happening in the future. After just a couple of sessions I could really see a difference, still along way to go but very helpful having someone that knew what they were doing.

 by Laila Bishay
Knowledgeable, professional, caring and great fun

I came to Alfie through recommendation and am so glad that I did. Having been diagnosed 2 years earlier with a disc bulge in my lower back, I was putting my ongoing mobility problems down to that. I had 3 treatment sessions with Alfie, before beginning a programme of Pilates. It didn’t take long for Alfie to suspect (correctly) an underlying condition which had been missed by doctors and physios alike. Bless him, he then took the trouble to document his findings and take his letter to my doctor so I didn’t have to try and explain what was going on. From that point on things moved swiftly and Alfie’s suspicions were confirmed.

In the meantime I have continued my Pilates sessions with him and have seen a marked improvement in both strength and mobility.

For me Alfie is a true gem. He knows his subject inside out - I have never met anyone with such an in-depth knowledge of every bone, muscle, ligament and tendon in the human body. He is highly experienced and takes a personal interest in the well being of his clients. And, as if that weren’t enough, his professionalism is matched by a wicked sense of humour that keeps me chuckling even when my muscles are straining.

Thank you Alfie - for everything!

 by Pam Cooper
Pilates for all

You can tell from the start with Alfie that he cares about all of his clients. He makes Pilates fun and doesn't push you to do more than you think you are capable of.

He is obviously very knowledgeable about his subject and makes sure everyone is doing the exercises correctly.

I really look forward to his Pilates class and would recommend anyone to give it a go.

 by Gill Mathias
why Pilates is FUN with Alfie!

Pilates IS fun with Alfie. He has a great sense of humour, first class knowledge and experience. He gives a full-body workout.where you can improve at your own level, and certainly discover muscles that you never knew existed!

Alfie really cares about his clients and will demonstrate as well as check that you are using the correct technique..

Pilates is not always easy but it is terrific fun with Alfie who always has a group of people in the room who are motivated by him, to achieve to the best of their ability.

I have and will recommend him to my friends!

 by Guy Page
Osteopathy and Pilates - great results

I have seen Alfie Birch for two separate injuries, a traumatic leg injury and a chronic low back discomfort.

My leg injury had been seen several times by NHS professionals all to no avail. In severe pain and gross incapacity Alfie gave me intense treatment and following a few therapy sessions my leg was massively improved. My 'home work' from Alfie was to commence some Pilates exercises to restore, strength, condition and flexibility which I did, again with great effect. This success encouraged me to start attending some of Alfies Pilates classes which I have been doing fairly regularly since, as well as some home Pilates. I can honestly say I have never felt stronger or fitter. My back condition has been a long term intermittent problem for me. Again Alfie undertook some Osteopathy intervention, diagnosing and implementing treatment to great effect. Alfie prescribed some further 'home work' to maintain better posture and subtlety which so far have ensured no further back pain.

I have recommended Alfie's professional Osteopathy and Pilates to both family and friends all have experienced successful outcomes.

Thank you.

 by Steve Adcock
Back Playing Footy

My introduction to pilates came as a result of having reoccurring back pain and calf trouble. Having played a lifetime of football, I was starting to get injuries that were preventing me from playing. The strength and conditioning of pilates and the constant stretching of my calf muscles has enabled me to get back to playing football without injury. I also had some treatment on my back as I was having hip pain when walking. After one session, my alignment has been adjusted and I am pain free. To put it simply, pilates will definitely be part of my fitness plan for the foreseeable future - thanks to Alfie who is a knowledgeable and professional teacher.

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