Pilates Circuit Training, Melbourne Sports Pavillion in Cockshut Lane, Melbourne Saturday Mornings 9am for 1 Hour

Now well established since October 2016 and going great with great reviews. Maximum number for the circuit class is 20 and all the stations are predominantly Pilates based with added challenges to increase proprioceptive awareness, improve flexibility, mobility and balance based exercise with use of small equipment such as foam rollers, pilates barrels, resistance bands, small hand weights, wobble board, swiss ball, exercise gliders etc… all to make the exercise fun and yet challenging. For more interest on the next 8 course which is due to start 3rd June 2017

Also planned soon is a class dedicated for “easy flexibility”  and ‘myofascial release’ which is an intense form of stretching. Come along and find out why you get less flexible when you get older or from exercise and understand how we come overcome this with a little bit of ‘scientific knowledge’ of the muscular system and the over protective stretch reflex 

Other Pilates Classes are as follows

Monday Evenings – Ticknall village hall 7-8pm


NEW VENUE on   Thursday Evenings – Melbourne Sports Pavillion 7pm-8pm 

Tuesday Mornings – Melbourne Assembly Rooms 9.30am -10.30am –

All of the classes are taught with varying levels of intensity to accommodate everyone. However, if you have an underlying health or Back issue of any kind, just text or email me and we can discuss some short term private lessons that are ‘specific to your needs’  before considering a class setting. Full details below

One to one private Pilates can be held in my treatment room, studio or in the comfort of your home. These sessions can be tailored to focus on specific medical conditions such as back pain, or any injury that is chronic. A Pilates one to one class can provide a more thorough understanding of the Pilates exercise form.


wonderful quotations, but my favorite is 

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old.  IF it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

This is true in Osteopathic practice as well, which is why Pilates & Osteopathy are the perfect partnership for a healthy spine, overall strength & conditioning and mental toughness

On another level is the Pilates Reformer so if you want to push your level even higher than read on ?

Come and try try the Pilates reformer ? (www.youtube.com – search beginners / intermediate reformer) come and try a one to one session. Once you’ve been on the reformer you won’t want to do Mat-work Pilates ever again. Its definitely challenging but very rewarding and suitable for rehabilitation, back problems, joint issues and for general and advanced strength & conditioning

Beginners, improver’s and advanced welcome

Pilates Private Tuition

Especially suitable for;

  • Post- surgery
  • Nervous beginners
  • Non gym attenders
  • Medical conditions affecting the musculo-skeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems
  • Back problems, especially disc, facet joint or sacro-iliac joint pain
  • Postural issues, sway back, excessive curvatures of the spine, scoliosis